The Aim of the Game

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Many single-player games have a final, overriding aim. Once you have reached that aim all you can do is start again or play another game. However, Tibia is different. There are many aspects that will appeal to different kinds of people, and you can choose to play Tibia just the way you like. You enjoy meeting people? There are thousands of players online at any time, and you can make new friends every day. You prefer adventure and exploration? In the world of Tibia there are countless places and items to discover. Or is it building up your character that really keeps you going? From collecting equipment to training skills, Tibia characters can be improved in a multitude of different ways. But whatever your personal preferences are, you will find there is one general characteristic to Tibia: it is simply impossible to take it to a limit. You will find there are always new people to meet, new places to explore and new heights to which you can take your character! No matter how long you have played you will always find the fascination remains!