Two Things to Keep in Mind When Playing Tibia

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Since this may be your first experience with a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, we feel it is necessary to direct your attention to some topics every player should be aware of.

Where there are people there must also be rules. With thousands of players online at any point of time, MMORPGs such as Tibia need special codes of conduct that determine what is allowed and what isn't. In Tibia these rules are fittingly called the Tibia Rules. CipSoft expects all players to know and to follow the rules at all times. Players who violate our rules may be punished in a number of ways.

Improving characters and collecting rare items are important aspects of the game. Unfortunately, successful playing will not only attract admiration but also envy, and some people may actually try to steal from you. Always keep in mind that your character represents a real value, so keep a wary eye on it. Thankfully, you can easily protect your account from hacking if you observe some simple guidelines. Make sure to read our security hints carefully!