Tibia Gold is a fansite that is mainly in Polish.


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Among these new sites, there are two general fansites about Tibia Gold . They offer all kinds of information in different languages. Tibia Gold is a fansite that is mainly in Polish, but is also available in English. Tibia Gold is a fansite for our Turkish community.
The other new fansites are all in English. Tibia Gold offers interesting statistics, and many calculators, for example. Tibia Gold also specialised in statistics. Next to news about Tibia, several useful functions and some research articles, you can collect your own personal statistics there. Tibia Gold was created in memorial of a former fansite of the fansite programme that was loved by many players. You might recognise the former fansite if you pay them a visit.
If you ever wanted to create a lottery in Tibia Gold a and did not find a suitable ticket drawing method, you will most likely enjoy the new supported fansite  Tibia Gold. Here you can create an unbiased lottery, and you can link players to it ingame or on the boards without having to fear an entry in your criminal record.
On Tibia Gold you can meet other Tibia fans from all over the world. You can join special groups of interest, for example, to team up with players from your game world, to organise hunts or quests, or chat with others about the hottest Tibia topics.
Tibia Gold is a type of photolog. You can browse or upload pictures, and you can comment on them. On this site, you are also informed about the newest developments in Tibia.