Tibia3:Access to Premium Areas


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As a premium player you can travel to new, exciting places you have never seen before. Visit the mysterious magical academy in Edron, explore the weather-beaten shores of Quirefang and wander through the not quite deserted streets of the fallen city of Yalahar! Brave the unforgiving cold on the Ice Islands or head south to the pirate-infested waters of the legendary Shattered Isles! Join the desperate fight against the forces that are corrupting the once-mighty lizard empire of Zao or unravel the secrets of the past in the sands of the Ankrahmun! There are whole new continents are out there waiting for you to explore them! Even Rookgaard boasts its own exclusive premium area! Visit new cities! Do new quests! Battle new monsters! You will find that, as a premium player, there is simply much more to see and more to do!