Vigorous sense of the scene

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The first is the fun of RPG, action by a sense of realism and a sense of fighting experience to get the role of growth, new world of fun adventure.

Can experience the action through the Non-Targeting a variety of roles and the role of team battle, you can enjoy the battle with hordes of monsters to operate readily sense; you can also experience the challenges of large-scale monster vigorous sense of the scene.

In addition, we also prepared and especially the huge variety of subjects and the world, not before available to the player experienced the fun and enjoyment.

As a second point, we also attach importance to the MMO's fun, that is, share with them the fun of social inTibiaction. We will support the further development of political and economic systems, strengthening the role of the social role of diversification.

Gamers will experience great Seamless access to the world of existence of other people will give them a certain influence, and through this process even more to strengthen their social significance.